Below are links to some of my favorite artists. Please take the time to check them out!

The Art of Michael Mattocks:

For the last 17 years I have worked and gained knowledge in a variety of art fields. I worked in the screen printing industry designing for Professional and Collegiate sports teams as well as Resort, Christian and Western apparel lines. I also designed apparel for the motocross and ATV Industry. I designed sublimated and printed plaques and trophies as well as engraving plaques. I've traveled the country video tapping ATV races which aired on VERSUS. I have created many magazine ads, flyers, banners, logos, shirts, posters, newsletters and maintained multiple company websites. I have long term substitute taught in Commercial Art, apprenticed as a tattoo artist and now I have added certified Pyrotechnician to my skill set.


The Art of Kim Kennedy:




The Art of Eddie Mitchell:

Eddie Mitchell's specialty is capturing the magical play of light and color as it is found in nature. While diverse in subject matter, the end result is always the same: Eddie Mitchell shows us that an exuberant light is always shining nearby. He brings it into our lives with his skillful mastery of color, light and shadow that illuminates any room or soul that witnesses it.

His own inner light shines through in every painting, and Eddie is delighted to share his gift with us.  Feel free to venture out and meet the artist at an upcoming art show. The light and vision seen in his art does not stop at the canvas, but permeates in each meditative moment for Eddie.




The art of my friend Raphael


The art of Nat McGill






The art of Kevin Morley